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Attorneys win just compensation with more than 60 combined years of experience Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property for public use. The process involves condemnation of your property, appraisal of its value, an offer to purchase and negotiation for a fair price. If the government offers an unsatisfactory amount of compensation or your property was improperly designated for public use, you have legal recourse available. The attorneys at Watkins & Watkins have more than 60 combined years of experience protecting clients’ rights during all stages of eminent domain proceedings.

Challenging public use
Public use traditionally refers to the development of your property for streets, airports, dams, reservoirs, schools, hospitals, parks and other projects purported to benefit the community.  At Watkins & Watkins, we review the government’s proposed use of your property and challenge the legitimacy of the public purpose.

Obtaining just compensation
The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I Section 7 of the New York State Constitution prohibit the government’s taking of private property without payment of just compensation to the owner.  Generally, the measure of just compensation is the “market value” of the property in its highest and best use at the time of the acquisition.  The highest price a buyer would pay you for your property if you were selling on the open market is its fair market value.  We retain an independent appraiser to provide an opinion of market value and apply our exceptional negotiation skills to increase the offer to an amount that reflects the property’s true value.  We ensure you are paid fully for your losses.

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